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Virtue-based, Balanced Virtue and Talent, Exerting Strengths, Giving Play to the Ability of Talents.

People Oriented, Giving Play to the Ability of Talents

Biwin Furniture Jiangsu Co., Ltd. adheres to the talent development idea of "people oriented", lays emphasis on talent cultivation, encourages the innovation spirit, continuously cultivates and trains talents, and explores and gives play to their abilities and wisdom. Be passionate, work hard, and do valuable things. Our company share interest, values and dreams with all the people to realize common development of employees and the enterprise.

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Work seriously, responsible and responsible. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, have team spirit, have certain workers is preferred.

Operations Manager




Work Content 1. Be independently responsible for the product operation of the department, including but not limited to collecting and sorting out the product requirements of the department, docking with the product manager, following up the requirements, and tracking the performance of the product after it goes online; 2. Be able to establish an effective data tracking mechanism according to the operation objectives and the current situation of the products, promote and optimize the operation plan according to the requirements of business development, and be responsible for the implementation of online related product promotion activities to reach kpi index; 3, continue to follow up the product effect, analysis of user behavior, demand, understand the trend of competitors, and competitive analysis; 4, According to the current situation of operation, productize the existing process and optimize the business efficiency.

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