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2017 China Green Office Furniture Top Ten Brands List Announced

2019/01/02 15:54
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Green office furniture is not only the demand of the modern social consumer market, but also the policy of the country. At the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the first five innovations, coordination, green, open, and sharing of the "five development concepts" were introduced, and green development was incorporated into the focus of economic growth, which was in line with the deepening of supply-side structural reform. Under the requirements of “oil to water” environmental protection upgrade, the green development of the furniture industry is becoming more and more urgent, and safe and pollution-free furniture products have become a highlight of future competition.
In recent years, there have been many substantial advances in the implementation of the green production links of furniture companies. In the process of resolving non-capital functions, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has successively moved the production links of furniture enterprises, and at the same time, adopted the green environmental protection as the basic requirement for high standards; in 2017, the Shenzhen Municipal Finance Committee and the Shenzhen Municipal Government purchased The Center clearly indicated to the supplier that the Shenzhen government's procurement of furniture quality will strictly implement the "Shenzhen Standard", the most stringent environmental standard in history.
In May 2017, the arrival of the first “China Brand Day” once again pushed “China Quality” to the peak of manufacturing. In the Chinese furniture industry, the scale of the company's annual main income of more than 850 billion yuan, its bidding procurement has become its main sales method. In the national supply-side structural reform, bidding and procurement will play a decisive role in the market, giving priority to supporting 5,561 enterprises above designated size and green furniture suppliers in small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry.
In order to test the development of the office furniture industry in the past year, the China Procurement and Bidding Network and the China Famous Enterprise Ranking Network jointly organized the “2017 Ninth China Office Furniture Bidding and Purchasing Evaluation Promotion Activity”, relying on bidding big data to participate in the evaluation of enterprises. From the production of green products to the practice of green services, the evaluation and selection of “2017 China Green Office Furniture Top Ten Brands”.